'The Amazing Race' Season 29 Update: Show Slated For Summer 2017 Return? [VIDEO]

With still no word on when fans of The Amazing Race will be able to see the next group of teams racing around the world with the goal of winning $1 million, there's a chance the wait could be unbearable for much longer than expected.

CBS still has not given the popular reality competition program a home in their Fall TV lineup, and it doesn't appear just yet that it will receive one anytime soon, meaning it could be slated for the mid-season this Winter, or as one website speculates, potentially even the Summer next year.

According to Carter Matt, there are only four time slots that seem possible for the show thus far, and of those four, most are not ones that fans are going to be happy about.

Noting that MacGyver, the show which took TAR's Friday at 8 p.m. EST slot this Fall has yet to get a back-nine order when it finishes the first 13 episodes of its season out, there is still a chance that when the show finishes up that run that CBS could easily slide Amazing Race back into it's old time slot. Even if the show does get to air more episodes beyond the first 13, CBS could consider moving it to another timeslot to see if it performs better there, since it started with strong ratings but has since declined, meaning they want to give it more time, and a new home, to see if it works. If that decision is also made, it also allows TAR to get back it's slot in the lineup within the next couple of months.

However, the other options may be less appealing for fans, who used to deal with the show constantly being delayed by professional football games when it had it's original Sunday night slot a few years ago.

One other option could be Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST, after Code Black's second season ends in February. However, the time could be much more risky since the Race is considered more of a family show, and 10 p.m. is not as much of a family hour, meaning viewership could drop again, like it did when the show moved to Fridays.

Another option, which would be the most dreaded for fans who don't want to see the show eventually end, would be CBS moving the show to Saturdays. In network television, moving a show to Saturday means they're preparing to cancel it-and giving TAR a Saturday slot will be the ominous sign fans don't want to see that their beloved show likely won't air anything beyond a 29th season.

The final option, which would be far more ideal than Saturday nights, but less ideal for those who genuinely want to watch the show now, will be CBS shelving it until the Summer, which seems to be the most likely option at the moment, since the schedule on the network is pretty full and doesn't have any cancellations or cut offs that have yet been announced.

Regardless of CBS' decision, fans are still desperately waiting for the show to air.

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