'Amazing Race' Update: Donald Trump Slammed Show's Emmy Wins Over 'Apprentice,' Proof He Likes Saying Things Are "Rigged' Against Him? [VIDEO]

Donald Trump truly does have a history of saying things are rigged against him-and that definitely does include the Emmys.

His claims that the Emmys were rigged against his show The Apprentice came back to haunt him during the third and final presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, when his claims the election is rigged were brought up, and she used his comments about the Emmys being rigged against him-and in favor of The Amazing Race, which has won 10 Emmys-to prove it was his way of thinking when things didn't go his way.

Sure enough, Trump does have a history of speaking out against the Emmys, which nominated his show multiple times, though it lost to The Amazing Race every time.

"The Emmys were horrendous...the absolute worst show! "Amazing Race" winning an Emmy again is a total joke. The Emmys have no credibility-no wonder the ratings are at record lows. The emmys are all politics, that's why, despite nominations, The Apprentice never won-even though it should have many times over," he tweeted in 2012.

He followed that series of tweets up with other claims that year.

"Emmys Telecast is way down & lowest telecast on record among young adults. Emmys have no credibility-Should have nominated Apprentice again!" He wrote one day.

"Lots of people agree that the Emmys were a joke-got bad ratings-no credibility!" He added.

He compounded those claims twice in 2013, once in April, and once in September, during that year's telecast.

"I should have many Emmys for the Apprentice if the process were fair-in any event, it's not my day job," he wrote.

"The Emmys are soooooo boring! Terrible show. I'm going to watch football! I already know the winners. Good night," he tweeted in September.

Claims were repeated again in 2014, the last year The Amazing Race won an award.

"Emmy Awards show was terrible last night. Same shows winning over and over again (politics). Amazing race a joke. Host Seth Meyers bombed!" He wrote.

No one from The Amazing Race itself has commented on Trump's repeated attacks on the show.

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