Hillary Clinton Presidency: 6 People Democratic Nominee Could Appoint To Powerful Positions If She Wins [VIDEO]


Election Day is just weeks away, and either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be named the new President of the United States when it's through-but them receiving the most powerful position in American politics is only the beginning.

Each one would then need to appoint cabinet members, and potentially, Justice to the Supreme Court after they were sworn in, and choosing the right people to be a part of their team is a critical move. Not only do they need to pick people they know they can trust with the positions handed to them, as well as people who the voters may trust in these positions as well, if they have hopes of being elected again four years later. Their appointments also need to appease members of all parties in Congress as well.

So who would be some great picks for some of these positions? Here are six people Hillary Clinton could choose to include if she wins the Presidency:

Bernie Sanders as either Secretary of Labor or Education

He may turn down an appointment in favor of staying in the Senate, but it would be a smart move for Clinton to try and get Sanders into her Cabinet to continue wooing his former supporters and make them somewhat more enthusiastic about her as a president. Secretary of Labor would be an excellent position for him because a huge part of his platform when he was running for the nomination was improving the workforce and making things equal for everyone, and being the head of the Labor Department certainly gives him some power to actually create some of that change. Secretary of Education is also a potential good place for him, since he is very committed to the idea of debt-free college for all.

John McCain as Secretary of Defense or Veterans Affairs

Putting McCain, a Republican, into her Cabinet is a smart move because it shows she is willing to reach across Party Lines and be bipartisan, and McCain is a good choice since they do have a more cordial relationship =. His experience as a Vet (even though Donald Trump dissed him for being a POW) could give him some great insights into how to shore up defense strategies for the country, or to ensure that Veterans themselves are being properly cared for by the government after they serve.

Barack Obama as Supreme Court Justice

If the legalities check out on this one, how perfect would it be for Clinton to give the current sitting President a job that he keeps for life, and which allows him to add a much more Liberal voice to the Court? Not only would she be able to almost guarantee that anything she supports that is taken to the court is likely agreed upon, but other Democrats would largely approve of the move because Obama was so well-liked the last eight years, especialy among his own party.

Al Gore as Head of the EPA

If she can convince him to get back into politics, no one would be more appropriate for the role of head of the EPA then the man who correctly predicted what was happning with Global Warming and climate change before the larger majority caught on as a whole. If anyone could try to work to reverse the effects and make things more stable again, it would be him.

Joe Biden as Secretary of State

The current Vice-President is one of the most highly qualified people for her former position, and would likely do an excellent job in the role. However, if he accepts any cabinet positions at all, they would likely be ones on the lower-end that don't require as much travel, since he is very committed to being with his family, especially after his son Bo's tragic death in May of last year.

Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of The Treasury or Some Other High Ranking Position

Warren has become a powerful voice in politics in recent years and is close with Clinton, meaning an appointment somewhere is very likely. Where exactly she would fit in would depend on what other positions may already be filled with others, but she could likely be given a position that ranks high on the scale regardless.

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