HIV prevention drugs not present where needed most

Due to the increasing number of sexually transmitted diseases these days. Many ways of prevention have been implemented and introduced throughout the world.

These methods range from anything physical to mental, social, and even emotional. It affects the various number of diseases out there in terms of their numbers. HIV, is one of the biggest diseases and so the world focuses on it quite a bit. 

It was the year 2012 when a new drug was released. This drug was a set of pills which greatly prevented HIV. Truvada was the company and PrEP was its name, and it was proven to be highly effective.

According to Rolling Stone when the drug was initially released it was barely accepted. People from all sorts of communities and sectors were unwilling to accept that drug into their lives. Many different news reporters were calling it out and advertising how bad it was. 

That being said, the times have changed. Over the years more and more people are starting to not only respect the drug, but also to accept it into their lives. Statistically speaking, over the time the drug was introduced up until now.

According to the Instinct, one could not be more wrong. There are various places in the United States where the spread of HIV is off the charts yet when surveys were done it showed that the people in HIV regions who needed the drug the most, recieved it the least.

As of right now there is no light shed on why exactly this is happening but it can certainly be said news about the sudden deficit reveal will certainly open some eyes and those eyes will hopefully search for answers. 

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