Who exactly is X-23? Logan movie member, an overview

The hype for the new Wolverine movie Logan has been through the roof recently. Teaser pictures from an Instagram account is giving certain hints to their fans daily. Some of these hints have already been pieced together. 

By now, most people should know that this could be the last Hugh Jackman movie as "Logan", the character name of Wolverine, is getting old and weak. Due to this fact, this is the end of the original wolverine and a new wolverine is going to be introduced.

That new character is X-23. Now X-23 is basically the same as Wolverine, she is a female with two claws instead of 3 on her arm, but she shares the same healing factor as Wolverine. According to IGN, she also has a claw each on her feet. But who is she? Why does she exist?

According to Good News Gaming, the main reason is because Wolverine is getting old. As we all know that wolverine's healing factor made him immortal before. But an unrevealed series of events in the movie caused him to age, and with age comes weakness.

Wolverine has always been the defender of the X-men, one of their main pillars, but now that he is weak, he needs someone stronger to step up. That is where X-23 comes in. X-23 or Laura Kinney is a clone. Yes, a clone which is made from the DNA of Wolverine. 

But even as a clone she has to go through the cycle of growing up and that is why in the teaser trailer she can be seen as a little girl holding hands with old Logan. 

The final movie will be a tribute to the main Wolverine and a story of how the little girl will grow up in the footsteps of her clone/father figure and pick up where he left off. 

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