The latest GoPro Action Camera is ready to serve!

GoPro is back again with a bang. They are arriving with their latest camera so far and they are calling it one of the best in their series of camera.

Over the years GoPro has introduced a new style in camera that has caught on simply because of how extremely high the quality of video is while at the same time the size is so compact and mobile. But not only that, the incredibly high battery life also serves as a wow factor. 

Over the years these features have been improved along with many more being added to make the camera more flexible and fit the needs of the user in a more precise manner. 

Finally, they have released their latest Camera. The Hero 5 Series. This series contains two different kind of cameras. However they decided to mix it up this year rather than taking a linear approach.

What they did is first of all make the new Hero 5 Cameras $100 cheaper than their previous models. So the Hero 5 Black is $400 and the Hero 5 Session is $300. But why?

According to MSN, it could very well be because GoPro experienced some issues in this year. So that is why they are taking a different cost-effective approach but at the same time they are trying to increase customer value.

Basically they are reducing the number of Cameras but they are increasing the number of features. This allowed them to reduce their cost and make their product cheaper. The Hero 5 Black also comes with a touchscreen LCD screen. 

The menus of both the new GoPros are more neatly organized. They contain all the features of previous GoPros but the new ones also allow people to capture RAW or WDR style of images and tweak it later on.

Both of the new cameras also have advanced time lapse option which allows one to capture photos at intervals from 0.5 seconds to 60 seconds per picture.

Consumer Reports also said that the new product is ready for water and that does mean that the newest GoPros are even more waterproof than the ones before.

All in all this could prove to be a good year for the GoPro company. 

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