5 Reasons Steven Seagal Decided to Become Russian Citizen

Steven Seagal, who has been a long-time friend with President Vladimir Putin, is now a citizen of Russia as announced on Thursday. The move is personally issued by the Russian President himself after the actor told about his desire on September this year.  

His desire, however, is something that Putin has known for a long time considering that the president made the 64-year old actor an honorary consul between California and Arizona. In the assignment, there were also times when he acted assisted in the negotiations between Putin and Barack Obama, according to NPR.

Also, the actor's persistence and his overt admiration for Russia, his 'quite warm feelings' towards the country are reasons that he deserves to be granted a Russian citizenship.

In a more personal level, Seagal and Putin shared the same interests in martial arts with Seagal having a passion in the practice of aikido and Putin in judo. They showcased their devotion for the sports at official events and were seen together during last year's Eastern Economic Forum.

The two were also spotted in May 2015 during the Victory Day parade at the Red Square. The event is a remembrance of the country's victory over the Nazis 70 years ago. And because Vlad and Steven are friends, the American actor also supported Trump and has made his support known for the GOP candidate in his social media while at the same time, denouncing Hillary Clinton's candidacy, LA Times said.

So, what are possible consequences of Seagal's new citizenship?

The "Under Siege" actor may spend more money on taxes as he may claim dual Russian-American citizenship later on. But on a positive note, the title will let him collect an amount of 5,000 rubles ($78) in his retirement next year.

Steven Seagal joins another actor, Gerard Depardieu and fighter Roy Jones in their new Russian citizenship. He was also a granted a Serbian citizenship and had established a martial-arts school in Belgrade.

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