Brad Pitt is said to be devastated after his divorce from Angelina Jolie with reports saying he has got no friends left to lean on during this hard time.

The Brangelina divorce on September 15 has become toxic with the media always focusing on the angle that it is the 52-year old hunk who had caused it. Moreover, recent reports said that his family in Missouri or even his closest friend George Clooney had abandoned him as their relationship drifted through the years due to Jolie's reported 'distant' and 'cold' behavior.

According to Celebrity Laundry, the hunk's closest friends and family have always had a hard time getting along well as the actress reportedly does not have something in common with their Midwestern values and thus found Pitt's family "backwards and painfully dull."

The source also pointed out the actor's change party-friendly nature during his 12-year union with the brunette actress and pointed out that he used to host parties with George Clooney, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, Melissa Etheridge and Jen's Friend's co-stars as one of his visitors.

Meanwhile, even though Brad Pitt is in deep waters at the moment, Jennifer Aniston never claimed that it is a result of bad karma for cheating on her in their marriage, iTechPost reported.

The actress never commented about the divorce in public but her best friend but according to Jen's bestfriend, Chelsea Handler, the Friend's star is happily married to Justin Theroux and is 'dismayed' how the media is still trying to associate Brad and Jen as the two have moved on long ago.

Then again, other sources claimed that Aniston called out on Brangelina saying that their messy divorce is, indeed, an act of karma for what they did to her long ago. This statement, again, should be taken with a grain of salt as the Cake star never formally issued a statement about the matter.

As to Brad's alleged violence in the family, ex-soldier, Kris Herzog who had knowledge about the family working for them for several years lambasted reports claiming that the actor physically and verbally abuse son, Maddox.

In an interview cited by, Herzog claimed that he had never seen the award-winning actor being violent to his kids and if he was, Angelina Jolie "can whip Brad's a**"