[WATCH] Leonids Meteor Shower on Livestreaming in Slooh.com and Space.com sites

This is the best time for stargazing as the Leonid Meteor Shower will fascinate the dark skies on November 17 until early the next morning. This rare opportune comes as a result of the Earth's passage to the orbit of comet temple-tuttle that left its stream of particles when it last orbited the sun in every 33.3 years. The young trails are very dense thus causes meteor outbursts when the Earth enters one. Meteor storms (large outbursts) exceed 1000 meteors per hour, to be compared to the sporadic background (5 to 8 meteors per hour) and the shower background (several per hour).

Thanks to Slooh, a mechanical telescopic service, it will feature this November 2016 Leonids Meteor Shower on its website, with a five-hour chance to see it live, right on the computer. The Daily Express gives the schedule of the live stream that will take place in the UK, estimated time will be around 1am to 6am GMT on Thursday, November 17. The live stream will come from the joint efforts of Slooh's leading observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, a live stream from the UK and from Slooh's headquarters in Connecticut.

The live stream will be shown on Slooh's website and also on Space, promising an eventful display of "small blizzard of celestial fireworks". The show will also highlight interesting facts about this annual event by Leonids and the origin of this phenomenon, with the tale of the beast Nemean Lion as it battles with Greek God Hercules in which the constellation of Leo is the point of origin of these meteors. Leonid's meteor outbursts are a popular scene ever since; the most popular of which is the 1833 Meteor Storm that ranges from 200,000 meteors per hour, leading to the term "meteorology" or the study of weather, when some believed that meteors are an atmospheric phenomenon.

After the Supermoon fever, Leonids Meteor Shower will indeed trend worldwide as the meteors grace the skies with an online event that is worthy to watch out for. Mark the peak of this event on November 17 which will have traces of meteors until November 21.

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