Pokemon has been one of the biggest and most known games all over the world. They started off before the 21st century and they exploded into a franchise. Even now they are still going strong with no sight of them reducing any time soon.

A new report surfaced on the Internet speaking of some very good news. If it is true then it will be the first of its kind. Pokemon has always been a hand held game made for various Nintendo devices, all of which are portable. 

However, a new report speaks of a new Pokemon RPG game which will come on a home console, the Nintendo Switch.

The Internet, right now, is buzzing over this. Twinfinite mentions that this is highly related to Pokemon Sun and Moon. This game was released for the Nintendo 3Ds less than a week ago. It is said that the same game will come for the Nintendo Swtich next year, in 2017.

However the odd thing is that it will be named differently. 

Adding an RPG game from a hand held device to a home console is a major thing. But changing the name of it while doing so opens a whole world of different possibilities. According to ASZ News the game will be called Pokemon Stars allegedly. 

If everything is true then the game will be named differently but will still contain the elements of Sun and Moon. So what could be different?

For starters the game may offer a different interface. Granted the new Pokemon introduced from the Sun and Moon series including the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala will be the same, but perhaps the way the game looks and feels could be very different.

Perhaps that now it is on a home console it may offer a much different graphical mechanic, one only home consoles are compatible with. Something like playing minecraft on X-box compared to Pocket Edition. The game is the same but it feels different.