"Jane the Virgin" Gives a Recurring Role to Elizabeth Rohm Starting on Season 3 as She Joins Lead Actors Gina Rodriguez and others

Fans of "Jane the Virgin" can't get enough of all the relationship stuff that is happening, from Jane to Rafael and Michael, to her mother Xo and father Rogelio and the much-awaited appearance of "The Last Ship" star Elizabeth Rohm. Rohm will be joining the lead actors and actresses of "Jane the Virgin" as she comes as a love interest not from any guy in the series but to a girl. As the story heats up in "Jane the Virgin", there is more to anticipate in the hit series plus the addition of intriguing characters is surely something to look forward to.

In the Season 3 of "Jane the Virgin", there will be a lot to tackle on in terms of relationships, one with a little or more unsolicited help from Jane's cousin, Catalina, who will be meddling on Jane and Rafael's silent feud. But in the turn of events, Christian Today narrates that Rafael will fall hard for the free-spirited cousin of Jane which earns the disapproval of Alba. The all-knowing Catalina will agitate some friction to the almost-getting-back-to-normal situation in "Jane the Virgin".

Fans may wonder how will Catalina affect Jane because of her quips but it is more on how Catalina will affect Rafael and that will discover in time as News Everyday reports. Rogelio is also mending his broken heart over Xo's old flame named Bruce coming to the picture. The next episode will also feature how Rogelio will seek the help of a matchmaker for him to move on.

Elizabeth Rohm will come as Eileen, a calm, peace-loving character who will be dating Rafael's rickety sister, Luisa, but the twist will be if she is also as evil as the other lovers of Luisa like for Rose/Sin Rostro. As new characters join the team of "Jane the Virgin", the story promises more exciting turnabouts and hilarious scenes from the hit series.

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