The history-drama television series Vikings is airing the second part of its fourth season and a major character is coming back. Can the fans guess who is returning to the series? Well, it's none other than Alexander Ludwig, who portrayed the role of Bjorn in the previous seasons of the series.

According to a report posted by Toronto SunVikings Alexander Ludwig is determined about one thing he'll make once the show comes to an end. He'll shear his head.

"This is coming off. I am so sick of it," the lad from Vancouver was seen hair-on-top/shaved-sides cut, the hair cut is required for his remarkable portrayal of Bjorn on the TV series.

As reported by Blasting News. in the upcoming episode of Vikings Season 4B, Bjorn is eager to be independent and do the things on his own way if he is desiring to be greater than his father Ragnar.  Alexander Ludwig's Bjorn is forthwith a knight in his own right, a growth he will soon make sufficiently distinct. 

The character of Bjorn is thinking that his father Ragnar is not treating him as a grown-up. That is why he wants to do things on his own to prove to the King that he is matured and old enough to be his successor.

In the previous episode of the series, Bjorn found a map in Paris where they went on their first exploration. No one had an idea or no one knows that the prince found a map. In this latest episode of the TV series, Bjorn's major objective is to go to a place he saw on the map. 

Bjorn is going to start his own life's journey as a prince and create his own destiny. Will he succeed? Or in the end, will he return to their kingdom and continue to live by his father"s principles in Vikings Season 4B?