"Gilmore Girls" reboot in the works; Show to cast original members

"Gilmore Girls" is an American comedy-drama starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel  they played as mother and daughter in the show.This show one of the top rated series way back year 2000. And now the show will be back on Netflix. This time it will be a mini-series online and the first episode will be on November 25.2016.The revival would have the title "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life".

So what do the viewers would expect to see now that the series will be airing online soon? Based on a report posted by Mirror, the viewers who loved "Gilmore Girls" would be happy to see some of the show's original cast are still on the revival of the show. And the characters of Lauren and Alexis on the show are still residing at Stars Hollow.

On another report posted by The Washington Post "Gilmore Girls" revival is far from perfect. The upcoming mini-series online will have four 90-minute episodes.The creators of this popular show promised that the viewers will surely enjoy watching the series because it is loaded with flashbacks, new sets of inside jokes and they can see how Lorelai and Rory are continuing to nourish their mother-daughter relationship.

The  new episodes of the "Gilmore Girls" are about the life of Rory and Lorelai after 16 years. Rory is now a journalist but her life is not that easy and a lot of her plans before and after graduating from college do not turn out to be the way she planned it. Her mother Lorelai is dealing with the major change in regards to her personal life.While Lorelai's mother Emily is coping up and trying to be happy with life after her beloved spouse Richard died.   

The reboot of "Gilmore Girls" will surely be on the list of the most watched shows in Netflix when the first episode will be on air, its because a lot of people would love to see what happen to Rory and Lorelai after 16 years.

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