'Passengers' Movie: Chris Pratt Talks 'Sense Of Anxiety' Before Sex Scene With Jennifer Lawrence [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have a sex scene in their upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Passengers, but it wasn't exactly sexy to film.

Pratt recently explained to Jess Cagle exactly how he filmed the infamous sex scene that will be on display in Passengers. While it may seem intimate and exciting, Pratt discussed how it is mostly awkward and all about making the other person feel better.

"I don't want to make generalizations based on gender, but I feel the responsibility falls on me [to make my costar comfortable], and I've been in that situation a couple times," Pratt explained. "Essentially it's your job to just minimize the discomfort by, you know, making sure there's nobody else on set than is required, having a closed set, periodically checking in, and just doing everything you can to assure the person you're with that they're okay."

The painful awkwardness of sex scenes has been well-documented by even the most seasoned actors, and Pratt discussed how his scene with Lawrence was similarly awkward.

"For all the sense of anxiety that comes leading up to a scene like this, you get into it and you realize there's really nothing sexy about it at all. It's just really awkward. But you know, it's part of the gig and you just do what you can to check in with the other person and try to minimize any discomfort that they feel."

It remains to be seen if Pratt and Lawrence's scene will play sexy or awkward onscreen, but all those involved will surely hope for the former.

Passengers will be released in theaters on Dec. 25.

Check out the trailer for Passengers below:

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