2016 is about to end, thus the much-awaited Outlander Season 3 is about to come. With that, Starz recently gives a glimpse of the show's first look featuring Claire (Caitriona Balfe) after she gives birth to her daughter Brianna.

The photo obtained by Entertainment Weekly showed Claire with Jamie (Sam Heughan) while the initial is cuddling their newborn baby. However, as the role of Balfe is going back in the 20th century, Brianna will be raised by Frank (Tobias Menzies).

In Outlander Season 3, Jamie asked Claire to leave Scotland because of the coming Battle of Culloden. "This is right after Claire gives birth to Brianna," Balfe told the publication. "Those scenes are wonderful because it's a new beginning, but it's so fraught with so many other things."

Balfe explained that this particular scene is magnificent for fans to see. This is the start of the show's new beginning, but full of other mysteries. As Claire thought that Jamie is already dead, she thinks of a new way give Brianna a complete family in Outlander Season 3 with Frank.

"I think it's difficult for both of them. Frank is coming to terms with his wife. He didn't quite know what had happened. She disappeared and she's back," Balfe continued. "They're tentatively trying to see if they can patch things up and allow themselves to embrace a future together. They really do try, but it's not quite that easy."

Meanwhile, CarterMatt reported that Brianna is will be seen as an adult in the coming Outlander Season 3. The role is going to play by Sophie Skelton, who is first seen in the previous season's finale.

Other than that, there are a lot of things fans need to see in the third season of Outlander. There will be a lot of journeys, new places, and the much-anticipated print-shop scene from Diana Gabaldon's third novel Voyager, which the show is based.