The new year is full of action packed drama and mysteries, coming in the form of Attack On Titan Season 2. Attack On Titan is an anime based on the efforts of survival made by humanity against hordes of massive humanoid creatures called Titans. 

Eren Yaegar, the protagonist of the first season, would be making an appearance, along with newer characters and newer Titan types. According to Geek Exchange, the Attack On Titan trailer followed the official announcement of the season 2.

The trailer, just like all of Attack On Titan, shows emotional content as well as action packed scenes. The mystery surrounding Titans and why can some humans turn into Titans while retaining their full consciousness will finally be explored. 

The collosal titan returns. As fans may remember, the collosal titan was mainly used to break the giant city walls and make a pathway for smaller titans to pass through. There are more abnormalities to the titans. The trailer thew glimpses upon new and bigger titans,

The trailer also depicts titans fighting each other. It can be presumed that these rogue titans are nothing but humans who have the power to change. The trailer also reveals a character mouthing words that express that the titans are protecting people from other titans.

Eren is back with his demonic rage against titans, and the trailer shows an Eren changed into a Titan being knocked out by an armoured titan. The storyline involving Eren's father and his work on Titan genetics would be getting some light thrown upon as expected. 

The new season would also shed some light on the betrayal of some humans, as the first season ended on a salty note with the revelation of Annie Leonhart as the female titan. How many of these humans can turn to titans and have betrayed humanity are yet to be seen.

The Attack trailer's most intriguing aspect has to be the beast titan, that seems at least as big as the collosan titan, if not more. It is unknown whether this titan is a naturally occurring titan or a uses a human as a vessel.

 According to Kotaku, Attack On Titan is getting a second season and would be released sometime in April, 2017.  

Stay tuned for more Attack On Titan news and updates.