The Boston Celtics are seem not done looking for a superstar to beef up their roster. Recent NBA reports are saying that they are targeting to acquire Anthony Davis and there is a possibility that he might head to the Celtics before the trade deadline.

Davis is in an ugly situation right now. Though he is tagged as the franchise player for the New Orleans Pelicans, the current condition of his team is not what he desire. The Pelicans are holding a 13-21 win-loss record and currently at the 11th spot in the Western Conference division.

And even if Davis is producing MVP-like stats of 29.3 points, 11.4 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game this season, his performance doesn't translate to wins for the Pelicans. The lack of supporting cast for Davis is said to be one of the reasons for their slumping start. He leading the team in points, rebounds, blocks and even in steals and no one other than Jrue Holiday and Terrence Jones seem to be helping him.

And now, reports are recommending that it might be better for the Pelicans to trade Davis right now and get valuable players in return. According to FOXSports, the Boston Celtics could be one of the teams that can offer value to the New Orleans Pelicans and give both teams significant upgrade on their respective rosters.

NBA trade scenario is suggesting that the Pelicans will send power forwards Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones to the Celtics in exchange for point guard Avery Bradley, small forward Jaylen Brown and power forward Amir Johnson. Boston could also add their first-round draft pick (2017 or 2018) to sweeten up the pot for the Pelicans.

The arrival of Davis to the Celtics makes them a true contender not only in the East but in the whole league. Boston could create their own version of Big Three with Davis, Isaiah Thomas, and Al Horford and with Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder forming the starting five makes it a potent one.

On the other hand, the return for the Pelicans is not bad at all. Having Bradley will surely shore up their backcourt spot while having a potential player in Brown and a veteran in Johnson will boost their frontcourt. The future first-round pick could probably give them the opportunity to draft a big man also.

The trade will also work under NBA trade rules as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine making it a legal deal for both teams. It is now in the hands of the Boston Celtics if they'll pursue Anthony Davis before the trade deadline.