Stephen Curry is having an MVP season again this year. However, after this season, he will become a free agent and rumors are spreading that he might leave the Golden State Warriors to join with other teams. Recent reports are saying that the Chicago Bulls might pursue him when he becomes a free agent after this season.

The Bulls are currently in the 8th spot of the Eastern Conference division and looking just fine with their campaign. But lately, they seem to be shaky as they lost 7 games out of their last 10 outings. Though they have Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade anchoring their offense, many believe that it is not enough to challenge powerhouse teams in the East like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors.

Earlier reports have already linked Curry to the Bulls but this time around the rumors gets louder. And since he will become a free agent next summer, a possibility that the Bulls might acquire him is looming.

According to FOXSports, there's a big chance that a plausible deal between the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors might work. Trade scenario is suggesting that Stephen Curry will head South Beach and join forces with Butler and Wade while Golden State will receive guards Rajon Rondo and Jerian Grant plus a future first-round draft pick from the Bulls.

The trade seems to be uneven base on its value but others are saying that Rondo is a better fit in a Warriors system. Rondo is said to be far better to Curry in terms of playmaking, passing, rebounding skills and an excellent defender on his spot as per stated in the report.

Meanwhile, Steph is a great upgrade on the backcourt for the Bulls and playing alongside Butler and Wade is a potent combination for them. They will definitely give more challenge to the Cavs and Raptors for the top spot in the East.

It will also be a legal deal for both teams as it passes NBA trade rules and salary cap restriction as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine. However, there's a little possibility that the Golden State Warriors will give up Stephen Curry at this moment because he is still a vital cog on their campaign this season but Chicago Bull is surely one of the teams waiting in the wings to acquire him.