Episode 488 of Naruto Shippuden is highly-anticipated by fans of the anime series as it would conclude Sasuke's arc of atonement.

The two-week break before the crucial episode has surely made the fans a little anxious but it will be over soon as Sasuke and Chino returns tomorrow.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 488 follows a new story arc about Sasuke's daughter Sarada and it has also got the much-anticipated battle between Sasuke and Chino, reports Naruto Spot. The battle did not take place in the previous episode, to the huge displeasure of fans who had been looking forward to it for a long time. So, will the coming episode treat fans to the face-off that they want to see so earnestly?

Well, the coming episode could still disappoint as some say that it will not be any different. However, a section says that Chino might reconsider battling with Sasuke. In the previous episodes, Fuushin attacked Sasuke after his Nowaki cover was blown away.

Sasuke was able to overpower him finding his weakness but Fuushin refused to give him the information he was asking for and instead found himself trapped by the Ketsuryugan technique, which he escaped by using Mangekyou Sharingan.

A flashback then took the audience to the past showing how Chino and Fuushin came closer and made up their mind to leave Oyashiro. They left with three others but were followed by Hidden Mist shinobis and trapped in Hell's valley. According to AnimeNewsNetwork, it was at this time that Chino realized her latent talent through which she could cause the ones under her jutsu spell to explode.

In episode 488, she would be asking Sasuke as to why he would want to defend the leaf.  Sasuke says that it was because of his friend Naruto who made him believe that a better world is possible despite the odds.

However, it seems like Chino would not accept his reasoning and fight him, most presumably, to the death. Fans are definitely waiting for this duel and it would be interesting to watch how things eventually transpire between the two warriors.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 488 airs on Jan 5, 2017.