Just a couple of days ago, DeMarcus Cousins has been a subject of a rumored deal with the Portland Trail Blazers. But the Blazers have denied that they are interested with Cousins and they are focused on developing from within. However, the Boston Celtics are said to be renewing their interest in acquiring Boogie from the Sacramento Kings before the trade deadline expires.

The Celtics are looking great to the start the regular season. Holding a 21-14 win-loss record, they are currently sitting at the 3rd spot of the Eastern Conference division. However, it seems that they are still not satisfied with their campaign and would like to solidify their chances going to the playoffs by getting a high-caliber player.

On the other hand, the Kings current campaign this season is still erratic. Though they are presently at the 8th spot of the Western Conference division, many believe that they will still fell down the standing as the long season goes along and won't make the playoffs. Now, some are suggesting that they should closely consider of releasing Cousins and get a more valuable offer in return.

And it seems that the Celtics have plenty of valuable assets to offer to the Kings to get Cousins. According to FOX Sports, with no indication that Cousins will sign an extension with the Kings after the season, a realistic and possible scenario is that he might be heading to the Boston Celtics before the trade deadline.

Trade scenario is saying that DeMarcus Cousins will head East and join Beantown while the Kings will receive Marcus Smart and Amir Johnson plus the Nets 2017 first-round pick (via Boston). The trade seems to be logical and reasonable for both teams involved looking closely at it.

There is no doubt that the Celtics will be a true contender for the title this season with the arrival of Cousins. The starting five of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Al Horford and Cousin will surely give powerhouse teams like Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs stiff competition for the NBA title.

Meanwhile, the Kings will truly benefit and finally get the needed young talented point guard that they'd wished for plus a veteran forward/center that could guide the young core of the team. Aside from that, the Nets 2017 unprotected first-round pick could be a big steal for them and get a potential high pick in the coming 2017 NBA Draft.

The trade will also work under NBA trade and salary cap rules making it a legal deal for both teams involved as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine. With all the upside reason the trade will bring to both teams, will DeMarcus Cousins finally head to the Boston Celtics before the trade deadline?