The Chicago Bulls might enter in a trade deal to make a final push going to the postseason. Reports are saying that the Brooklyn Nets could be the potential trade partner for them with Brook Lopez, Taj Gibson, and Rajon Rondo as part of the rumored deal.

After a disappointing 2015-2016 season, the Bulls have an offseason rebuild last summer where they are able to sign superstars guard Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. At the start of the regular season, the trio of Rondo, Wade, and Jimmy Butler willed the team at the upper half of the Eastern Conference division but recent stumbles put them currently at the 8th spot.

On the other hand, Lopez has been the subject of numerous trade deals a couple of months. Despite putting impressive stats of 20.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game, he cannot guide the Brooklyn Nets to many wins as they are now sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference division holding an 8-25 win-loss record.

As both teams looking to struck more wins, a rumored deal is being recommended to the Bulls and Nets. According to Forbes, a proposed trade deal could be for discussion between the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets. Trade scenario is suggesting that the Nets will send Brook Lopez to the Bulls in exchange for Rajon Rondo and Taj Gibson.

It's surprising that Rondo was involved in the trade but some observed that his recent benching indicates he is dispensable to the team and it's better to include him in this trade to be an added value. The Nets clearly got the best value for Lopez's absence. Having Rondo would give them an experienced playmaker for their backcourt while Gibson will provide the energy to strengthen their defense.

On the other hand, having Brook Lopez will reunite him with his twin brother, Robin. Brook could also a better fit to Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg's system and his combination with brother Robin in the frontcourt will give them a potent interior defense. Aside from defense, Brook will definitely boost the Bulls offense to support Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade in that department.

The trade would also satisfy NBA trade rules and salary cap policy making it a legal deal for both teams as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine. It is now in the hands of both teams if they are willing to proceed with this rumored deal.

Will the Chicago be able to acquire Brook Lopez from the Brooklyn Nets for Taj Gibson and Rajon Rondo?