Trade rumors on Paul Millsap are still not over and it seems that it is still gaining steam before the trade deadline expires. Recent reports are now saying that the Denver Nuggets are said to be targeting to acquire his services in hopes to recover from their slumping performance this season.

The Nuggets have disappointing season year after year since former franchise player Carmelo Anthony left them in 2011. For 3 consecutive season, they weren't able to make it to the post-season and always at the bottom half of the Western Conference division. And with Millsap as one possible name to hit the trade market, the Nuggets are said to be positioning themselves to get him.

As said earlier, Millsap has been the hot topic of rumor mills as of late. Earlier reports are saying that the Atlanta Hawks began hearing trade offers to many teams. But the Hawks cleared that they are not openly shopping Millsap and just taking calls for the 3-time NBA All-Star before considering their option.

And now, one report is saying that the Nuggets are interested of making a deal with the Hawks. According to ESPN, the Denver Nuggets are said to be "openly shopping" its veteran players which include Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler as well as third-year big man Jusuf Nurkic.

All players are said to be potential trade offers to any team doing trade for the Nuggets and if they are decided to go after Paul Millsap, they have an appealing package to tender. A package of Nurkic or Faried plus future draft picks might be enough to lure the Hawks to give up Millsap to them. Both teams are not new on this situation before.

According to CBS Sports, the Atlanta Hawks almost dealt Millsap to the Denver Nuggets last year. This is part of the Hawks plans in order to re-sign Al Horford who will become a free agent in offseason. But they decided to forgo with the trade and stick with Millsap.

The decision consequently backfired as they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round by a sweep last season and also loss Horford in the free agency last summer. But this time around, the opportunity is there again and this might a perfect chance to learn from their mistake.

However, the rumored deal between the Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks involving Paul Millsap is still speculation and none of the teams involved have confirmed this.