The Sacramento Kings are looking to augment their roster as they for a spot in the NBA playoffs. Currently, they are precariously sitting at the 8th spot in the Western Conference holding a 15-20 win-loss record. Reports are saying that should move to upgrade their starting point guard and it seems that Goran Dragic could be a potential option for them before the trade deadline expires.

One of the problem for the Kings is their backcourt most especially the point guard spot. Since Rajon Rondo left the team last summer and join the Chicago Bulls, the team was left without a true point guard. Though they still have Darren Collision and able to sign Ty Lawson to a one-year deal in the offseason, they don't bring significant contributions to the team as of late.

As for Dragic, he is one of the remaining superstars for the Miami Heat after Dwyane Wade left the team last summer and Chris Bosh was not cleared to play this season due to his health condition. He and Hassan Whiteside was tasked to lead the team but it seems they are failing. The Kings have been linked to Goran Dragic in the past but the deal went off as the Heat want more assets in return.

But now it seems that the Kings are willing to negotiate to the Heat and give in to what they want. According to CBSSports, the Sacramento Kings badly need a significant upgrade at their present starting point guard and Dragic could be one of the available choices for them.

This could also be the best option for the Heat, trading Dragic while his value is still high and dump his big contract to free some cap in order to lure other superstars in the future. Previously, the deal between the Heat and Kings is said to be a direct swap between Dragic and Rudy Gay which did not prosper.

But now, the Kings are said to be willing to add Darren Collison to Gay as trade offers for Dragic. This trade scenario will also satisfy NBA trade and salary cap rules making it a legal deal as verified with ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

If the NBA trade pushes thru, the Sacramento Kings will finally get a true point guard that they wished for who is a prolific scorer and can team up with DeMarcus Cousins to support the team's offense. On the other hand, the Miami Heat will definitely have a better upgrade on small or power forward spot with Gay while Collison will subsequently replace Goran Dragic as their main playmaker.