The much-anticipated Attack on Titan Season 2 promises to be full of action-packed adventure and mystery. The official trailer of the Japanese anime that released some time back gives sufficient hints about the story and the history of the huge creatures that are determined to destroy the last few human settlements behind the giant walls.

The trailer of Attack on Titan Season 2 was released by North American licensor Funimation on Christmas and it hints at more dangers for the human settlements. Spoilers suggest that some Titans could be lying together within the walls that have served as a defense for humanity against the gigantic humanoids. Theories imply that the protective walls are potentially dangerous and could lead to the collapse of humanity.

The trailer builds on the premise of the previous season that ended with the indication that some of the Titans could be killed or sent back by the Survey Corps. Now it is revealed that the man-eating giants are hiding in the walls as the trailer shows the partially hidden face of a giant that appears to be dormant within a crack in the outer wall.

As for the release of Season 2, the creators have confirmed that it would premiere in spring 2017, claims Screen Rant. The COO and Executive Vice President of Funimation Mike DuBoise has thanked the fans for keeping the series alive.

In a statement, he said that Attack on Titan has reached true cult status among anime fans. More than 3 years have passed since the last episode of Season 1 but the passion has not waned. Lastly, he said that they are looking forward to premiering it on FunimationNow.

Coming back to Season 2, though the trailer hints at dangers for humans, it will also explore the complex relations between the Titans and their prey.

There are indications that many Titans had been saving humans all this while and they are likely to be shape-shifters. There is talk of traitors as well as one member of the Survey Corps discusses the betrayer in their midst. Attack on Titan Season 2 is expected to stream on FunimationNow in April 2017 in Japan.