The manga series One Piece will not see a release this week as Chapter 853 has been delayed but the good news is that a spinoff is in the offing and it will bring to life an old character called Ace. Also spoilers for the chapter hint at positive developments for the hero Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 853 has been delayed and there will be no release this week. So, fans would have to wait for some more days to find out the fate of Sanji and Pudding but spoilers indicate victory for him and looks like Pudding's plan will fail. It is said that Luffy would be successful in contacting Sanji and the two might hatch a plan to defeat Big Mom and her daughter, reports Hall of Fame Magazine.

If fans remember, the previous chapter saw Luffy leaving Jinbe and Nami to find Sanji to save him from Pudding but he had no idea that Sanji already knew about her evil scheme and plans to destroy the Vinsmokes. So, it would be interesting to see if the duo can come up with some idea to defeat Big Mom and save the Vinsmokes. Also, it remains to be seen if Pudding will die.

In the meantime, a spinoff magazine is set to be released by Eiichiro Oda on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the popular manga series, claims According to the site, it will bring to life an old character called Ace, who is also known as Fire Fist. He is the adopted brother of Luffy and died previously as he sacrificed his life to save Luffy.

The duo was hunted by the World Government and during their escape, Ace helped Luffy from the marine named Akainu. He died but acted as a catalyst for Luffy who trained hard and became a powerful pirate to protect his dear ones.

Though the plot of the spinoff is not yet known, there is no denying One Piece fans would love to read it. As for Chapter 853, the delay is certainly not something that was expected but the spoilers have heightened the excitement about the upcoming events.