It has been seven years since people's favorite action serial drama television series from Fox network, Prison Break, has aired on the small screens. This time, finally, it is confirmed that the show is coming back with a brand new set of episodes from its fifth season.

After Fox announced on January 2016 that the adventures of the lives of Prison Break characters are going to be returning, updates and several speculations about the series' possible events and story lines did not stop from appearing online. It was officially announced by the network that fans are going to witness the series again on April this year.

But even before the upcoming season of the drama series are aired on televisions, fans are already expressing their dismay over the fact that this season is only going to be composed of ten episodes. According to a report from Deadline, the previous episodes of the series have aired an average of 22 episodes, which is why fans are already asking for more.

The aforemetioned source said that the trailer released on Wednesday for the upcoming season of Prison Break had already reached over 50 million views across every social media the video was shared to. That is why it is very evident that this is really one of the most anticipated show to air this year.

Moreover, according to The Independent, a survey conducted last year showed that the Fox serial drama is 20 times more anticipated than any other shows aired on television. Indeed, the show still has a lot of supporters regardless its long break on TV.

It was also reported that the showrunners have apparently mentioned that the fifth season could be the final season for the show. Creator Paul Scheuring said that it is almost certain that the series will say its farewell after all the episodes on the fifth season finish airing.

Scheuring said, "On some level, that break that we had of six-to-seven years in real life allowed Wentworth to appreciate what he had with Michael Scofield,"

However, as per Digital Spy, Wentworth Miller said that there is a possibility the show could be renewed for another upcoming season after season 5. He said in an interview that he would love to have another comeback on the show, as long as the story is still worth telling to the fans and viewers.

The actor added, "Depending on how it's received, and who's available, there could be another conversation about another bite of the apple. We'll see..."

Prison Break Season 5 is slated to premiere in April. In the meantime, watch the official trailer of the returning series below.