Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Baby? Couple Not Fighting Over Having Third Child Together [VIDEO]

Despite a report indicating that they were having nasty arguments about whether or not to have a third child together, Eva Mends and Ryan Gosling may actually be stronger than ever as a couple and are in fact not arguing over expanding their family of four.

A report in The National Enquirer alleged that Gosling was trying to prove to Mendes that nothing is going on between he and his frequent co-star Emma Stone by trying to convince her that they should have another child together, but Mendes allegedly had a strong reaction to the apparent suggestion.

"Ryan keeps insisting that there's nothing going on with Emma and is hoping that a baby will make Eva see how committed he is to her. But Eva is fed up because she feels like Ryan has turned her into a baby-making machine!" A source told the publication. "It's putting more pressure on an already strained relationship."

However, Gossip Cop has refuted the story, noting that the pair likely wouldn't have an insider spilling details about a plan to get pregnant for a third time when the couple kept their first two pregnancies mostly under wraps. The news they were expecting their first daughter, Esmeralda, was kept under wraps for 7 months, and the pair didn't even allow their daughter to be seen in public for the first time until after her first birthday, when they were spotted trick-or-treating with her on Halloween in 2015. The news they were expecting their second daughter, Amada, last year, broke only a few weeks before Mendes gave birth-and confirmation that their daughter was born came weeks later as well.

In addition, the website notes that the pair likely aren't having major issues after Gosling's wonderful shout-out to Mendes during the Golden Globes, where he credited her for his being allowed to work on La La Land, because she was taking care of Esmeralda, pregnant with Amada, and helping her brother try to fight cancer, which gave him the ability to take on the role that has garnered him a lot of praise.

Mendes later coyly responded to his moment by posting a photo of Janelle Monae at the awards and commenting on how much she loved her dress, noting that "it obviously hadn't been her favorite moment of the night" but that she thought her fashion was wonderful.


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