'The Last Kingdom' Season 2: What Happened To Uhtred And Why He Is Traumatized


Some of the revealing backstage scenes from the production set of The Last Kingdom season 2 have got leaked. Right now, the show is already done, and the movie is in the post-production stage.

This BBC TV series can be viewed every day over TV. The next season's airing, though, is still not clear. Some rumors whisper that it might happen anytime, according to ibtimes. 

One picture on Instagram shows a couple of members watching the show. In a number of posts, fans requested that the producers should release the following season as soon as possible.

The story revolves around Uhtred, the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman. He is captured by Viking Danes and brought up as if he were one of them. His devotion is unparallelled but now he is in constant trauma. He is forced to choose between the kingdom of his ancestors and the other kingdom of his guardians. Hence, his loyalties are constantly under fire.

With eight episodes crammed in the first season, there were new ending promises for exciting adventures and greater action too. With a war likely to be declared between the Danes and the Saxons in The Last Kingdom Season 2, the protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) would be in a more privileged position take the lead in the war.

Uhtred's conflict-ridden childhood, as well as the traumatic episode that led to the series of journeys leading to his growing years are references to the character's problems in his life.

In the coming season, the Saxons will take back their lands from the Danes, who will conquer most of the region here. There will be a new focus in the story - how Uhtred will make plans to take back all the lands that once was part of his father's realm.

While The Last Kingdom Season 2 would be premiering in 2017, the exact release date is still not out. Producers will soon announce the show's dates on the BBC channel. Still, currently, you can watch it all on Netflix.

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