"NCIS: Los Angeles" will be back on TV screens after a break of two weeks but when it returns, it promises to be an exciting episode full of revelations and twists. Titled "Payback," the episode takes viewers on a journey that will see the characters undergoing betrayal, torture and reunion.

According to TVLine, Episode 15 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" will return two weeks later and it offers to be a rollercoaster ride. According to the official synopsis of "NCIS: Los Angeles," there is a mole in the CIA and he/she will torture one kidnapped member of NCIS. Though the member is not yet revealed, it is speculated that she is Kensi Blye. If fans remember, at the end of episode 14, Sullivan aka Ferris kidnapped her and was seen holding a chainsaw close to her leg.

The episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles" also ended on an interesting note and in a shocking disclosure, it came out that Hetty had orchestrated the arrest of the NCIS Los Angeles team to protect them.

As for the mole, he was part of a conspiracy that started many years ago with Sullivan in Afghanistan, reports Carter Matt. He wants some payback for the mission that went awry and it looks like the teaser of Kensi's leg about to get chopped off was the revenge act.

Also, "Payback" would see an NCIS team member facing betrayal and speculations suggest that this will have a connection with the storyline of Owen Granger. As of now, he is in a coma and it looks like there is some secret attached to him and there are high chances that the secret will come out in the said episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles." There is also the possibility of him betraying the NCIS team and it could be a way to wrap up his plot.

Last but not the least, the reunion of Kensi and Deeks might be on the cards as fans are looking forward to seeing the duo tie the knot. Of course, she is in the clutches of the kidnapper Sullivan but she had joined the workforce on the field and therefore, her chances of escaping Ferris cannot be ruled out.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" Episode 15 i.e. "Payback" airs on Feb. 19 on CBS.