Pokemon Go players might have been disappointed by the most recent update from Niantic as it did not offer anything new. Nevertheless, this month could treat them with a surprise as the Valentine's Day event and the Legendary Birds are expected to arrive this month in a fresh update.

It is being said that Niantic has made plans for the Valentine's Day event and it is also looking to launch the new batch of Gen 2 Pokemon, claims Slash Gear. According to the news outlet, the legendary birds like Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno could be on the way as Niantic is looking to make a comeback after getting blocked in China.

Notably, the company has been smart with its Pokemon event releases and the game enhancements have always been in sync with the event they were staged at. Since January did not have any holiday, planning an event was difficult but February offers potential for the same and if Niantic is able to win a license from the Chinese authorities, making a comeback would not be difficult.

As for the Valentine's Day event, the game developer has not made any announcement and hence, fans would have to wait for the official declaration. Still, fans are hopeful and they ought to be, as Pokemon Go is the leader in the gaming department and dominates all the competitors. It has maintained the lead as the most popular game today, claims Express.

A recent analyst report says that the Niantic game has generated a total amount of $1 billion in terms of revenue ever since it was launched in July 2016. However, its daily revenue has come down since late July. At that time, it clocked more than $18 million in one day compared to the $1.5 to $2.5 million it had made per day recently. The report also says that the game has shown that it can still spark consumer spending through limited time-events such as the Halloween bash.

It is worth mentioning here that Pokemon Go became an instant hit with players as soon as it released last year in July but concerns were also raised when accidents were reported by players while playing the game.