A lot of patrons are waiting for the "Outlander" Season 3 to air even though season 2 has just finished. But then, "Outlander" actress Catriona Balfe hinted that the next season will feature Claire moving on and trying to leave without Jaime. Also, leaked images have indicated that season 3's set production was held in South Africa.

According to TV Insider, "Outlander" actress Caitriona Balfe stated in an interview that "Outlander" Season 3 will feature Claire's efforts are being pointless. Balfe even said that "At this point in Claire's life, Jamie's dead. She's trying to build a life after him, but once you've experienced a love so all-consuming, nothing can live up to it."

Additionally, leaked photos from "Outlander" Season 3 showed Claire pushing a baby carriage while she was fighting with Frank. The historian is grasping Claire's wrist indicating some force and not a kind touch. But then, Claire will not leave Frank as she decided to nurture her daughter with him and she was keeping that promise.

Nevertheless, in "Outlander" Season 3, Claire will decide not to focus on romantic endeavors. Catriona Balfe even clarified that "Claire decides to focus on her career and tries to slot Frank in. That leads to disappointment and resentment. It's a broken marriage." Claire will be pursuing a medical degree as she wanted to become a doctor. But ten, the programs during that moment were generally occupied with white men. With this, she'll make friends with Joe Abernathy (Wil Johnson), a black scholar in her class.

Furthermore, Cartermatt noted that the production staffs and crew of "Outlander" Season 3 will go to South Africa after taping in Scotland. With this, it appears that the third season of Outlander" will start shooting the remaining scenes miles away from the show's homeland. There was also news stating that the sets for "Outlander" Season 3 are still under creation but then it was noted that crew and producers have started going to South Africa.

When it comes with the cast, there is still no available detail as of the moment. But then, Starz will sure reveal all the details of the forthcoming "Outlander" Season 3 soon so stay tuned.