The "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 has just reached its finale but there have been proposals that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman should bring the series to the big screen. Also, "Sherlock Holmes" writer Mark Gatiss had faced criticisms after the season 4 of the show.

According to The Concourse, "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 is now finished and it's still unsure if there will be fifth season since Benedict Cumberbatch has a hectic schedule and Martin Freeman isn't far behind. After the "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 finale the avid patrons are still looking forward to the "Sherlock Holmes" Season 5.

Nevertheless, there is this idea of scrapping the "Sherlock Holmes" TV series and just bring Sherlock into a movie franchise. Although there have been talks about third Robert Downey Jr. Holmes but it appears that the fans wanted Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. The actor seems to have captured the heart of the viewers and his version of Holmes deserves to be made immortal on the silver screen.

On the other hand, "Sherlock Holmes" writer Mark Gatiss had faced criticisms with the "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4. Based on his interview with The Guardian, Gatiss has conveyed his feelings about the criticisms stating that it was unavoidable thanks to most classic shows being unloved at some stage.

"Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 writer has called the criticisms familiar pattern with success, he stated: "We toyed with calling one of the episodes 'Backlash' because it's time."

Meanwhile, as he points to the third series of "The League of Gentlemen", a show he also produced and starred in, Gatiss added: "though now regarded as a classic, was very controversial. A lot of people hated it."

Mark Gatiss even pointed out that it's not his intention to go off piste' and he said that: "It goes for any artistic endeavor - all you can do is your best. Sometimes you have to have an unpleasant amount of attention. But I'm stopped in street two or three times a day by people saying how much they've enjoyed it. What more could you want?"

Although there have been criticisms that "Sherlock Holmes" Season 4 had faced after the season finale, still there are patrons who wished for the series to be seen on big screen. In the meantime, the "Sherlock Holmes" patrons will have to wait if BBC will announce season 5.