'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 79 News: 'Basil Vs. Majin Buu' Will Feature Characters Like Goku, Gohan; Buu To Be Beaten Up By Basil [VIDEO]

The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 will reportedly feature new characters like Goku, Gohan, Majin Buu from the 7th Universe, Basil from the 9th Universe and others. Also, "Basil Bs. Majin Buu" preview reveals Basil might beat up Buu.

According to Blasting News, the synopsis of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 says that the Zeno-Sama game will finally start and the 7th Universe will be represented by Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu. Meanwhile, their enemies which team is called "The trio of danger" which includes Basil, Lavenda, and Bergamo.

It was also noted that the Zeno-Sama for "Dragon Ball" Episode 79 will somewhat focus on Majin Buu's fight against Basil. Also, Zeno of the present and future, are both observing the battle from the viewfinder. Unexpectedly one of them is no longer sitting at the spectacle of Majin boo who's sniggering in spite of being at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, Comic Book noted that this weekend, patrons of "Dragon Ball Super" have seen all the Gods of Destructions assembled to be present in an event together with the two Omni-Kings, Zen-Oh. This coming weekend, it appears like the show's avid fans will be able to see Majin Buu fighting inside the ring.

A preview for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 has been launched and it has indicated that Majin Buu will be in a dilemma. The 7th universe Buu will be battling out against universe 9's Basil who's armed with extremely strong kicks. Occupied with innocence, Majin Buu seems to be taking the battle as a pun while Gohan and the rest of universe 7's fighters are afraid that Buu might not win the battle. The trailer also specified Goku's voiceover that is pleading for Majin Buu to take the competition earnestly.

The fans of 'Dragon Ball Super" will have to wait until Feb. 18, Saturday for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 79 to air. During this chapter, they will be able to see whether Majin Buu will be able to defeat Basil.

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