Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Married: Singer Dishes On Marriage During Red Carpet Appearance At Grammys [VIDEO]

They had to spend the night apart due to his Grammy Nominations and her being nominated at the BAFTAs, and it's clear that Nicole Kidman being so far away was on Keith Urban's mind as he walked the red carpet in Los Angeles, because the singer could hardly stop discussing his wife of 10 ½ years!

Among the many interviews he gave, Kidman was often a topic, especially after her recent comments to Ellen DeGeneres where she said her husband took four months to call her and ask her out on a date after they met in 2005, saying he wasn't 'interested' at her.

"That's the longest story," he said when asked about her confession on the Red Carpet. "have you ever met anyone who you thought was just completely out of your league? I'm just saying, imagine that you've never met anyone like that, that's where I was at. It's true, it's true-that's why I didn't call."

Urban, who also discussed why Kidman wasn't by his side, also revealed that 2017 is a big year for them, as they celebrate not only their 11th wedding anniversary in June, but also Kidman's 50th birthday that month as well, filed by his own later on, and he admitted he has big things planned when it comes to the year ahead.

"I'm planning stuff tight now that I can't talk about! I feel incredibly lucky and blessed, definitely," he said.

He also revealed how his wife was partially his inspiration for his song "The Fighter," which he performed with collaborator Carrie Underwood at the awards show.

"It's a song about protecting the one you love, so that they don't have to take the blows of the world, and can stay pure," he said. "I always think that when people go, 'Oh, I'm very thick-skinned,' I always feel like saying, 'I'm so sorry.' It's not really a great attribute to b thick-skinned, it's kind of nice when someone can take the blows for the one you love. That's what the song's about. I try [to do that for my wife] every day."

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