Nintendo Switch was featured in a leaked video that shows its system menus and operating system, which appeared on the web on 15th February. Nintendo has, however, confirmed that the gaming console appears in the video was stolen from a United States distributor of the new system. This news controverted the video maker's original claim that the device in the clip had been pre-ordered.

The Nintendo Switch console that was supposed to arrive early was in fact stolen from a U.S. distributor partner and was then sold illegally. This was confirmed by Nintendo after the very first uploaded unboxing video of the highly anticipated console.

Nintendo has said in the official statement to IGN that, "Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold." Nintendo has also cleared the thing out about the stolen Nintendo Switch.

The video was uploaded by hiphoptherobot and posted to NeoGAF apparently reveals the Switch from its start-up out of the box through the process of creating an account on the system and scanning through the system's settings.

"I understand why they want it back and it sounds like that Switch might have been obtained in not the legalist of ways before I received it so them wanting it back is within their rights," Kotaku claims that hiphoptherobot has said via a direct message on NeoGAF.

The Japanese company has further said that those who were involved have already been identified and terminated. They are also under investigation by the local authorities on criminal charges.

The much anticipated Nintendo Switch console that everybody is talking about will hit the stores starting March 3rd. The Nintendo Switch will be having a price tag of $300, which is quite expensive as compared with Nintendo's old-gen consoles.