This week, fan-favorite fantasy horror action drama from The CW network, "Supernatural" is going to return on the small screens to give the fans another exciting episode from its twelfth season. A lot of suspected scenarios are already posted online, containing some thrilling events of "Supernatural" Season 12 that fans should not miss out.

On the previous episode of "Supernatural" season 12, titled "Stuck in the Middle (With You)", it featured the Winchester brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki), along with their mother Mary (Samantha Smith), Castiel (Misha Collins) and a hunter named Wally to try and ambush a demon. Mary had stolen something from the demon and while they were attacking, Wally was killed and Castiel was fatally wounded.

Later on Crowley (Mark Sheppard), another demon, appeared and warned them that the demon Mary stole something from was Ramiel, one of the four Princes of Hell. According to a review from Entertainment Weekly, the previous episode of "Supernatural" season 12 was not a traditional one. It reportedly focused on a monster for the episode (Ramiel) and apparently brought back what the series was all about, adding the perfect execution of its story line.

Now it has been reported that the upcoming episode will see both Dean and Sam to track down many of the characters on "Supernatural" season 12. Firstly, the brothers will have to look for the Gavin MacLeod (Theo Devaney), Crowley's son, whom they have suspected to be involved in a murder case at a museum which they have started to investigate.

According to TV Guide, the official synopsis for the thirteenth episode of "Supernatural" season 12 suggested that the two brothers will find the person who was supposed to be on board on the ship named "The Star". Additionally, they will ask some help from Rowena (Ruth Connell) to assist them in tracking down Gavin.

Aside from this, it was also reported that the upcoming episode of "Supernatural" season 12 will see Dead and Sam finding the woman whom Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) got impregnated with. This is allegedly because the Winchester brothers also wanted to know more about the unborn child of Lucifer, who has been speculated to follow his father's path.

It can be recalled that on the previous episode of "Supernatural" season 12, the woman, named Kelly, pregnant with Lucifer's child just found out that she was being chased by the angels whose motive was to kill her and the demon baby inside of her.

It is to be found out on the upcoming episode of "Supernatural" season 12 if the angels will succeed in killing the woman this time. Because of this, Kelly will reportedly ask help from the demons knowing that she does not know how to deal with the angels chasing her.

"Supernatural" season 12 episode 13 airs February 23, 2017, on The CW.