"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for this week of Feb. 21 to 24 will be full of drama as the story will be filled with tinged of betrayal, hatred, and confrontations. The highlight of them all is probably the sequence involving Chad, Gabi and Abigail as special feelings could not be hidden any longer.

It can be recalled that Chad and Gabi have been stuck in a freezer and no one has found them yet even after weeks of search. The length of time that the two stayed in the freezing storage also shorten the rate of their survival so they tried everything to keep warm.

With that said, it cannot be avoided that they had to huddle very close together so they can fend off the cold through body heat. In the end, the two stripped down to get the utmost warmth that they can generate. The "Days of Our Lives" spoilers also revealed that it was Chad who asserted that skin to skin contact is their only option to stay alive.

Soap Hub mentioned that while Chad and Gabi are being held hostage, Andre and Eduardo will talk to Deimos to free them. The enemies will negotiate and although they clashed at first, they reached an agreement in the end. However, Abigail was not aware of this so she will try to figure out herself how she can save her husband Chad and best friend Gabi.

"Days of Our Lives" shows that Abigail is so focused and set on saving them that she almost forgot about the special feelings existing between Chad and Gabi. Her mind is simply more preoccupied with the thoughts of the possibility of losing people she deeply loves. JJ will help Abigail in tracking down thee whereabouts of her missing husband

After finally heading in the right direction, Abigail found Chad and Gabi in the freezer but she was shocked to see them in the state of undress. The two were not conscious anymore and were rushed to the hospital.

While being treated, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers hinted that Chad will open up and be honest with Abigail. He will recount how he and Gabi had to do everything to keep warm. Through his narration, Chad seems to be suggesting that something else happened as they try to survive. He admitted that they kissed and one thing led to another.

Elsewhere in "Days of Our Lives" Blasting News reported that Chloe won the custody battle of Holly against Nicole. The judge believes that this is the best for Holly, especially because Nicole has some association with Deimos, the menace in Salem. That man can put the girl in danger and this was why Chloe was fighting to keep Holly.