"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for Feb. 14-17 will start with Valentine's special episode. As Zende and Nicole got engaged recently, they are expected to tie the knot this week. However, the event will not go without drama as issues created tensions withi the Forrester family.

For starters, there will be some issues in "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Sasha was shocked when the Zede and Nicole's engagement was announced. It appears that Julius and Vivienne were also surprised by their daughter's update but they will later get over it and accept her decision because it is something that she wants.

On Nicole's part, she will calm down her parents by assuring them that she love Zende and will be forever happy with him. She further expressed her belief that they are meant for each other, however as conflicts always arise in Genoa City, it is yet to see if her outlook is correct.

The upcoming "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers further revealed that although there will be some tensions, the Forrester family will be united. As they gather for the Zende and Nicole's big wedding, they will be happy together for once.

Likewise, the event is like a family reunion, with some of the characters were shown being chummy as they bond while talking about how everyone has been. Sasha also returned to reconcile with her family.

Everything is pleasant in "The Bold and Beautiful" but the Forrester creation's rival, the Spectras, are expected to gatecrash the wedding. The group, led by Sally, is planning to open the Spectra fashion again to topple down Forrester Creations. According to She Knows, Sally showed up dressed as a caterer, perhaps, she was trying to spy?

Elsewhere, Bill will try harder to get Brooke back. "The Bold and Beautiful" hints that he may eventually get what he wants soon. One of his strategies was to instill doubt in Brooke's mind so she will think that she is marrying the wrong guy and it seems that his plans will work.

Finally, Ridge and Quinn are finding it harder to control their feelings. "The Bold and Beautiful" will show them struggle as the sexual tension between them heighten in the upcoming episodes. As cited on Soap Hub, Quinn's worst fear is having to lose her husband Eric, but she just cannot get his son out of his mind.