"GTA 6" is one Rockstar Games title that could be drawing close to more potential news, as the relative sequel "Red Dead Redemption 2" is already in the works. So far, rumors about where the game could go have been flooding the Internet, presenting all kinds of possibilities.

As far as the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise could go, "GTA 6" remains a mystery compared to the past titles in the series. So much speculations on the game have gone around, with fans also trying to spot Easter Eggs or hints that could reveal more on the future of the Rockstar Games title-one, in particular, was allegedly seen lately.

According to The New High Online, one in-game clue seems to hint when "GTA 6" could come surface, namely 2021. The number was spotted in an airport door, and as speculations could suggest that it would go along a sequential manner, another door contains the number 2013. This seemingly insinuates the next launch date of a "Grand Theft Auto" game, considering that "GTA V Online" came out in 2013. With such speculation possibly pointing to another clue, fans may need to wait slightly longer for their anticipated continuity to even peek.

As per Tech Radar, Rockstar Games chooses to not divulge so much on the information that the company holds dear and now that "Red Dead Redemption 2" is on board, the company may have very little focus on the "GTA" game. One of the more prominent rumors thus far is the application of a female protagonist, which has never been done in before. If to push through, "GTA 6" will be the pioneer of the approach backing up the rumors that Hollywood couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes will be doing the honors of leading.

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