"Vikings" Season 5 Episode 1 has been awaited by the fans as the last season has brought a lot of twist and turns which was appreciated by the viewers. The first chapter of "Vikings" is now highly anticipated to air in November featuring Lothbrok brothers fighting over their deceased father's throne.

According to Racing Junky, the "Vikings" Season 5 Episode 1 has been talked all over the wire ever since the last season ended. Moreover, some of its viewers have perceived that the attention of the audiences will focus on Ivar who has "unintentionally" killed his brother, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. Nevertheless, it is yet to be seen how Ivar's character would evolve as he already tasted blood. Also, it is remained to be observed if his thirst for blood grows or he will be able to discover a hidden skill to control his desire.

Additionally, MobiPicker has learned that the "Vikings" Creator Michael Hirst has divulged that the "Vikings" Season 5 Episode 1 will begin with Sigurd's funeral. It can also be witnessed that Ivar is in tears claiming that it is not his real intention to kill his brother. Nevertheless, the Lothbrok brothers won't take the death of their brother lightly, as a matter of fact; they will split up into different factions.

It was also noted that due to Ragnar's death, his throne was left empty and it appears that "Vikings" Season 5 will feature Lothbrok brothers fighting against each other to prove who is worthy to claim the sovereignty. Michael Hirst also confirmed that the battle between the brothers will start as soon as one of them attempts to claim the throne.

It can be remembered that in some episodes of "Vikings" Season 4, Ivar and Bjorn Ironside were almost to have a serious dispute over something. Nonetheless, this quarrel seems to intensify in "Vikings" Season 5.

With the "Vikings" Season 5 Episode 1 speculated to air in November, the show's patrons will have to wait for 9 months more. Moreover, they could expect a dispute of Lothbrok brothers as one of them tries to claim Ragnar's empty throne.