Microsoft Bug Found By Google; Will It Affect Windows Surface Phone?

Microsoft's bad bug has been identified by Google which could allow attackers to execute malicious acts. In the past, there have been rumours that Windows Surface phone poor operating system might make Microsoft cancel its release. With the latest news affecting the tech giant, people are wondering how it can affect the release of the highly anticipated Surface phone.

Microsoft Browsers Infected With Bad Bug

Google has identified a security flaw that affects several versions of Microsoft's browser according to a report by BBC News. It is reported that the bad bug could allow attackers to enter malicious code.

Microsoft was notified by Google regarding the bad bug issue on November. It has been a practice by the search engine giant to make security issues public 90 days after the concerned party has been informed.

Ivan Fratic, Google researcher who identified the Microsoft bad bug, said he did not expect that Windows maker would miss the deadline. "I will not make any further comments on exploitability, at least not until the bug is fixed," he added.

On the other hand, Microsoft expects Google to extend their deadline since the two giant tech companies have an on-going conversation. Microsoft is worried that the disclosure of the bad bug could potentially put customers at risk according to a report by Axios.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Cancelled?

Microsoft has to make an official announcement regarding the release of the highly anticipated Windows Surface phone. With the security issues surrounding the Washington-based company, some are worried that the smartphone might not hit the market at all.

Windows mobile accounts only less than three percent of the total smartphones during the fourth quarter. However, with the release of Windows Surface phone, dubbed as the ultimate mobile device, Apple and Samsung might need to take the competition more seriously.

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