Nintendo Switch's launch on Friday brings excitement to all gamers especially to those who have pre-ordered. The Japanese have already released a video on how to set up the latest game console. However, some game experts have shared potential technical issues for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch's Potential Technical Issues

Some game experts are waiting for the holiday season before buying the Nintendo Switch. They think they are better off waiting for the feedback of those who were lucky enough to get a pre-order of the highly-anticipated game console.

According to a report by Forbes, there is still no clarification regarding the cause why the Joy-Con will de-sync in TV mode. Reviewers of Nintendo Switch are reported to have no clear indication how widespread this potential technical issue could be on consumer units.

However, game enthusiasts should not worry about this concern as makers of Nintendo Switch may have a firmware patch on its release date. The Japanese company has not made any comment about the potential technical issues according to reports.

Nintendo Switch Guide On How To Set Up Game Console

Nintendo has released a video to guide gamers on how to set up Nintendo Switch. Critics lauded the video saying it was a good introduction on what players can expect on day one.

The menu makes a sound when players select different options. According to a report by Polygon, the actual click of Nintendo Switch's interface may be one of the console's best features.

The system of Nintendo Switch can be set up without attaching it to a television. The players will be given an option during the initial setup to do it on a later time. The guide on how to set up the game console also shows how to go from portable configuration to sliding the screen into the dock. Check out the video below on how to set up the Nintendo Switch.