Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" wonder whether Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) will be decisive or not. Even though she is being pushed by Shirley (Patrika Darbo) and Sally (Courtney Hope), Coco is reluctant to act as a Trojan Horse for the Spectras. She does not want to violate the trust of the Forresters. Moreover, the Spectras do not have a good reputation.

Still, Sally in "The Bold and the Beautiful" sends her sister Coco to infiltrate her rival firm, according to Soaps. Coco should be trusted at least once, explain her defenders Thomas (Pierson Fode) and RJ (Anthony Turpel). They manage to talk Rick (Jacob Young) into it. Hence, Coco decides that she will only do whatever is expected of her, not going beyond that. She decides that she can tell her close family relatives to look for other ways of boosting Spectra Fashions.

Meanwhile, Shirley is rather upset about it in "The Bold and the Beautiful." How will they fix their dreams and company fortunes? She is reluctant to let their aspirations crumble. They do want to build up their dreams again. Sally is figuring out some solutions. How can they force Coco's hand, is their a current dilemma.

Sally in "The Bold and the Beautiful" is willing to give Coco a pin even as her sister works as an intern with the Forresters. Sally calls it a good luck charm, but it is only a device with a small, hidden and deadly camera. Coco takes it and is ready to go into her internship with the pin, not realizing that she has been roped into some seedy affair for the sake of Spectra. The secret camera in the pin, meanwhile, is expected to do its duty. Sally will be able to unearth all the secrets that are whispered to be concealed in the Forresters' firm.

At some point in "The Bold and the Beautiful," Coco will be found out. Thomas and Rick get aghast that Coco could do something so dirty, and RJ (Anthony Turpel) would be shocked as he had always considered Coco a good friend. Meanwhile, Coco would try to put up a brave struggle to maintain her innocence. Thomas, meanwhile, might decide not to take his relationship with Sally forward, but then he might still decide to defect.

After 30 years, "The Bold and the Beautiful" still throws up a surprise in every episode yet seems fresh and new, admit its iconic stars, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang, according to ET. 

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