'Clash Royale': Major Update Delayed On March 24; Secret Features; New Goblin Cards, Bridge Challenges

After its release in March 2015, "Clash Royale" has acquired over million of players worldwide, making Supercell as one of the most famous developers along with its other gaming app, "Clash Of Clans." And to celebrate this month, the brand is said to give the game its best update yet, making fans even more excited about the game. Rumors suggest that it will include "secret features" and new Goblin Ninja cards.

Basically, hints about "Clash Royale" major updates were given by Supercell. Despite that, no confirmations were made, however, a leak recently emerged online. The said leaks were from a Chinese website which has been translated in Reddit.

Apparently, the American social news collection Reddit claims that Supercell has delayed the launch of its update from March 2 to March 24. Moreover, the major update for "Clash Royale" is surely worth waiting since it will bring quite interesting changes like special events, balancing update, league mechanisms, arena adjustments, and the all-time favorite update --new cards.

According to Telegiz, the special events and new cards will allow "Clash Royale" gamers to experience Bridge Challenges that will go live on March 17. Also, another update will involve new Goblin cards. Meanwhile, the balancing update that the "Clash Royale" will have soon will bring something new to the Executioner, discarding of the mini-stun mechanic, and improving on the Inferno Dragon. Meanwhile, Supercell is expected to remove the Legend Trophies while making one gem equivalent to 20 Legendary Trophy.

"Clash Royale" is a free app for Android and iOS devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is a multiplayer game which was inspired by "Clash of Clans." Although its upcoming update is still few weeks ahead, gamers can still enjoy the recent updates such as the couple of its special events: the Grand Draft Challenge and Classic Draft Challenge.

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