'Grimm' Season 6 Spoilers: Major Character Expected To Die In Finale; Nick, Hank & Wu Form Extended Alliance To Beat Evil

Every episode of "Grimm" Season 6 is kind of a big deal for the fans as they are savoring the last few episodes before the series closes its chapter one last time. While several online petitions have been paraded to show the network and the showrunners that fans still don't want the series to end, it seems like the network remains firm with its decision to end "Grimm" after Season 6.

Perhaps the only bright side that fans can enjoy is the fact that "Grimm" Season 6 episodes are jampacked with all the needed factors and plot twists to keep the viewers on their toes until the very end. The latest "Grimm" Season 6 spoilers reveal that a major character might die on or before the finale episode. Will it be Nick Burkhardt?

Killing off Nick Burkhardt's character might be considered as a double murder for the fans who are already bummed that their favorite TV series is coming to an end. If Nick Burkhardt dies, it would only add to the disappointment of the viewers. According to Den Of Geek, as the "Grimm" Season 6" finale draws near, the trio of Nick, Wu and Hank are expected to be closer than ever.

According to Entertainment Weekly, their trio has not only proven to be an effective supernatural law enforcement team, their friendship and bonding throughout all the adventures and misadventures have brought them closer together. However, "Grimm" Season 6 spoilers predict a tragic ending where one of the "Grimm" trio might end up dead.

There's a great chance that it will either be Wu and Hank who will be eradicated in upcoming "Grimm" Season 6 episodes. However, it does not leave the possibility of Nick Burkhardt might be the character who will end up sacrificing his life for the sake of good. Do you think Nick will be written off in "Grimm" Season 6 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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