'Dance Moms' Jojo Siwa's JoJo Bows Banned in Schools, Here's Why; Directive Angered Parents

"Dance Moms" is not just on headlines due to Abby Lee Miller's fraud case and awaited sentencing. The show is being mentioned lately due to Jojo Siwa, one of the reality shows original cast members who competed in dance competitions.

The 13-year-old is also a popular YouTube star who upload videos of how to make accessories and ways to use them. One her latest creation, the "Jojo Bow" has captured the fascination of kids and tweens in the U.S. and U.K. and its popularity spread like wildfire.

In fact, the craze for the JoJo Bows spawned many imitations and companies began producing similar hair accessories. In any case, "Dance Moms" Jojo Siwa's bows are now being banned in many schools.

What are the JoJo Bows?

"Dance Moms" Siwa's JoJo Bows are huge colored bows that may also come with embellishments. It is usually clipped to a hair styled in a high ponytail. The young dancer and now an actress started the fad after wearing the bows on her Youtube videos and on TV.

She also posts photos on her Instagram where she has about five million followers. With that said, it is easy to see how the JoJo Bows craze spread so quickly.

Why Were They banned?

According to reports, the Jojo Bows are being restricted in schools because it is distracting and it does not go well with the school uniform. Simply, it affects the uniformity and allegedly causing diversion among students.

After the "Dance Moms" Jojo Siwa's bows were restricted in schools, particularly in Manchester, U.K. parents expressed anger over the directive. According to Manchester Evening News, parents find the restriction absurd since it is only a fashion fad yet the schools are making a big deal out of it.

"I really can't see any problem with the JoJo bows, they make out like it's a gun or something really bad, but come on, they're only hair clips," one mom told the publication.

Finally, BBC reported that based on the Department of Education guidelines, schools have a right to forbid the "Dance Moms" Jojo Bows if they breach uniform policy. It was added that teachers can also send their students home if they will not follow the rules.

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