Fans of the popular historical drama TV series are excited to know what "Vikings" Season 5 has in store for them. Everyone was delighted when they found out that History Channel has renewed the series for a fifth season. Will there be new characters to be introduced to the series and old characters returning? Read on to find out.

A couple of old or new characters are expected to make a big impact on the fate of "Vikings" Season 5. On this note, Clive Standen is one of the actors returning to the series. According to Den Of Geek, the fate of Clive Standen's character, Rollo, was like a wave in the ocean with the drop and surge of its significance in the series.

However, "Vikings" Season 5 spoilers reveal that Rollo's return might be a big deal since, among all the possible characters chosen to return, his was the pick of the showrunners. Most of the fans believed that Clive Standen's role as Rollo in "Vikings" had come to an end when he was seen drifting back to Normandy.

Further, the "Vikings" actor also accepted the lead role of NBC's TV series, "Taken." The actor's acceptance of the lead role made fans believe that he will not be returning to "Vikings" Season 5 anymore. However, his return to the historical drama series might not be as glorified as fans expect. In fact, Clive Standen might actually be returning to film a few flashback scenes only, considering that he has his hands full with NBC's "Taken."

Another set of "Vikings" Season 5 spoilers was revealed by "Vikings" actress, Katheryn Winnick herself through her post on Twitter. In the said post, Winnick can be seen sitting on a new throne which led fans to speculate if Lagertha might be leading a new kingdom. Speaking of Lagertha, Harald is expected to be the biggest pain in the neck for the queen in the upcoming season. According to MobiPicker, Harald will constantly and persistently find ways to take the throne away from Lagertha.