Daytime television soap opera, "General Hospital," is once again the talk of many television viewers around the country. Fans have seen a lot of revelations and jaw-dropping scenarios for the first few days of this week and they definitely cannot wait for more of these on the episodes for the remaining days.

It has been reported that fans and viewers are finally going to know the actual plan of one of "General Hospital" characters that they have been doubting with from the start. Soap Hub reported that Laura Wright's character, Carly Corinthos, finally gets to know her personal assistant, Nelle Hayes' (Chloe Lanier) ulterior motive.

As it can be recalled in previous episodes of "General Hospital", Nelle introduced herself to the family as the real kidney donor for their daughter. Doubting if she was just after their money just like the others, Carly made sure that Nelle's claims were truthful by running through some tests and at the end, the family the found out that she was telling the truth. Nelle was subsequently hired as Carly's assistant until now.

However, another character from "General Hospital", Carly's mother, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman), stayed with her instincts and doubted Nelle's intentions for the family. And indeed, she was right because this week's episodes are reportedly going to show that Nelle has been plotting a revenge against Carly from the start. And eventually, according to the source, Carly is going to find out the whole truth.

Meanwhile, according to Soap Shows, this week's episodes of "General Hospital" are also going to feature Maurice Benard's character, Sonny Corinthos, on a confrontation with his son, Morgan's killer. It has been a long time since Sonny has suffered for many things that involved the murder of his son. His former wife, Carly, has been hating him for it, blaming him for what happened. Furthermore, the source revealed that it will be a very powerful and strong confrontation, which the viewers should not miss.