'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Might premiere This Summer; Haise Sasaki Might Be New Version Of Ken Kaneki [VIDEO]

The avid viewers of the "Tokyo Ghoul" will be delighted if it will be proven that the "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 will air this summer. Aside from that, the upcoming installment of their manga series might feature a new character named Haise Sasaki which might be Ken Kaneki's new version.

According to Opptrends, the patrons who are waiting for "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 to premiere have been continually receiving news about their favorite manga series' release date delays. It has been previously reported that the next installment of "Tokyo Ghoul" will be rolled in March, but then the month is near to its end and yet the production has kept its silence about the details of the show.

Based on preceding news update the "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3's delays were mostly due to lack of manpower. This was because most of the members of the original team that is creating the manga series have been moved to other projects. It can also be remembered that last year, there have been talks stating that from Madhouse Entertainment, the project has been conveyed to Peirrot Studios, which then added to the postponement of the show.

Furthermore, Korea Portal has learned that a fan has posted on Youtube a theory for "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3. Based on the patron's post, the character of Haise Sasaki is supposed to be the new version of Ken Kaneki. It was also worth mentioning that the said character will be an investigator and a member of the "Quinx Squad" which is a special team of CCG investigators.

Aside from that, it was also thought that he may be a reincarnation of the fallen character because they have similar features like having a black and white hair. There were also speculations that Kaneki is still alive and he is actually taken by Arima to the Commission of Counter Ghoul to provide him a new personality. Another hint that associated Haise Sasaki to Ken Kaneki is that he is holding a secret is his incapability to recollect everything from his past.

As of this moment, it is not yet certain if the "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 will air this summer. But then, it is hoped that concrete details about the manga series will surface sometime soon.

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