'Yuri On Ice' Season 2 Release Scheduled In October 2017; Victor Will Pursue Dreams Leaving Yuri [VIDEO]

The avid viewers of "Yuri on Ice" just received good news as it was revealed that the "Yuri on Ice" Season 2 will premiere in October this year. The upcoming season of the series is expected to feature Viktor going back to competitive figure skating while leaving Yuri behind.

According to 247 Techy, Mitsuro Kubo who is the creator of the much-anticipated anime series; "Yuri on Ice" has been tight-lipped about the release of "Yuri on Ice" Season 2. Nevertheless, Kubo just revealed good news for all the supporters of Victor and Yuri. During an interview, the creator of the series has revealed that the upcoming season of the show is already in production. Aside from that, a member of his staff has supposedly revealed that the "Yuri on Ice" Season 2 will premiere in October 2017.

As for the plot, Droid Report has learned that the "Yuri on Ice" Season 2 will center on the relationship between Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov. This will occur after Yuri has finished second place in the Grand Prix Finals. Viktor, who is Yuri's trainer and love interest, already decided that he would return to the competitive figure skating while at the same time being Yuri's coach.

The devoted viewers of "Yuri on Ice" can remember that Yuri Katsuki has certain to call it square after losing to Yuri Plisetsky during the Grand Prix Finals. Conversely, it was the latter that really motivated the former to pursue the career in figure skating. This had led to Yuri Katsuki asking Viktor to train him once more for another year. This scene has set up an interesting plot that could possibly affect these characters' relationship in the "Yuri on Ice" Season 2.

 With Mitsuro Kubo revealing that the "Yuri on Ice" Season 2 is already in production; it appears that the premiere of the manga series is getting near. Moreover, patrons of the show could hope that the launch could happen in October as an alleged staff of the creator has indicated this piece of information.

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